List of Visas we hundle

Legal consultation and representation on immigration matters, especially business visas for executives and other essential employees of major corporations. We generally deal with the following visa categories:

Non-Immigrant Visas

L-1A/B - Intracompany transferees (managers/specialists)
E-1/2 - Trader/investor or its essential employees
H-1B - Specialty occupation with bachelor's or higher degree
H-2 - Shortage occupation
H-3 - Trainees
I - Foreign media correspondents
O-1/O-2 - Groups or individuals with extraordinary ability/its support staff
P-1 - Groups or individuals of internationally known athletes
P-2 - Performing artists under exchange program
P-3 - Culturally unique entertainers
F-1-Foreign Students

Immigrant Visa - Green Card

EB-1-Individuals with extraordinary ability; outstanding professors and
researchers; multinational executives and managers
EB-2-Members of the professions holding advanced degrees or individuals
workers with exceptional ability
EB-3-Skilled Workers
EB-5-Investor s
Family-sponsored immigration