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For the past 25 years, we have been a result-oriented law firm guiding our clients through the ever more complex process for obtaining both nonimmigrant and immigrant visas for their essential foreign workers.

This commitment has been further developed in responding to difficult and intricate visa issues which arise from unique corporate needs and changes.

04/04   USCIS Reminds Japanese Nationals Impacted by Recent Disaster - Questions and Answers
12/22   Suspension of I-129 Export Controls Questions on I-129
12/17   The New Export Control Attestation Requirement on Form I-129
12/15   1. Special Considerations when Filing an L-1B Petition for Outsourced Employees / L-1B Petitions for Off-site Design Engineers Are Especially Problematic
12/15   2. Special Notes Related to H-1B Visas
12/15   3. Site Visits – Nonimmigrant Visa Revocation
12/15   4. Preparation for NIV Visa Stamp Interview at Consular Post
12/15   5. Random Notes on Nonimmigrant Visa Processing

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